It all started with Shakespeare and a diary.

Today, I am a journalist and freelance content writer in India who crafts content for a gamut of industries and businesses. As a trusted Indian freelancer, I put clients first and weave stories that compel, instruct, instigate, and, above all, impress. 

Curiosity and value-driven writing are my hallmarks.


And I still read the occasional Hamlet.

Currently working with: Obvious and Urbanaut

Limit Breaker

Any more articles you'd like to write are welcome. You have a lovely writing style and good eye for great topics. 

Corporate Comms., University of Sheffield

Very diligent, asked questions when needed and clarified work to make sure she was on the right track, which was great.

Artha Group of Companies

I was impressed with how quickly Sindhu turned around the blog, and her follow-ups as well. I've always enjoyed our interactions. 




... or whatever title you prefer. Words are a natural phenomenon, a necessity, call it what you will — whether that be your newspaper, app notification or letter from your beloved. 

Content writing is but a possibility for expression, a matter of temperament, purpose and perspective. 

As a freelance content writer in India, my content writing portfolio is home to diverse work for clients high and low, near and far. Words flow with casual intent and hidden purpose. 

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