I am an NCTJ-accredited journalist by education and a freelance content writer by profession. I maintain strict journalistic standards, values and ethics while creating any content for any business. 

When working with clients, I get right to the point and speak plainly about what I can and cannot do. 

When you need a storyteller, I can be that too. I can pull words out of thin air and weave them into compelling narratives to create a brand story that is truly yours. 

As a freelance content writer in India, I am someone you can depend on for both on-brand copy and support.


Through words from superiors and industry veterans, I've understood that I have a reputation for being punctual, dedicated, driven and cognisant of the bigger picture. I'm driven by strong morals, ethics and values.

My ultimate goal is to work for a company based on the potential they have to positively impact the world, even to the smallest percentage.


This is why I pick and choose my clients with utmost care so that my work goes into the hands of those who value my content writing experience and creative talents. 

Please note: I do not take on projects that are unethical, morally on the fence, or otherwise capable of negatively affecting another person's livelihood or reputation.


I also do not take on projects involving falsified information including but not restricted to testimonials and investor data.

Contact: hello@sindhushivaprasad.com | Bengaluru, IN
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