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Creating thought leadership is just as important as selling your products. Why? Because to make it to the top of the ranks, you have to seem like you belong there, like you were made for that #1 ranking.

It doesn’t hurt that blogs drive traffic and spread them out across your website. They’re fertile ground for backlinking, which is to say you can connect articles and products easily. You’ll also seem like you really, really know your industry like the back of your hand. The more you write (and the better), the more your potential customers will think of you.

Blog content writing is easier said than done. Blog writing services and blog writing sites vary in their quality, so don’t fall for the ones who claim to write blog articles when really, they’re keyword stuffing or plagiarising.

For your blog to be rewarded by search engines and visitors alike, your content will need to be unique, clean and completely in line with what you’re selling. SEO blog writing services are also critical to your content cause because you’ll want to make sure you have the right keywords in your articles.

Freelance blog writer: Making visions meet

My blog content writing services run the gamut of industries from travel and tech to fashion and furniture (as you’ll see on my ‘past works’ page). If you have a list of blog topics, we can move straight to the discussion and rate card stage.

If you don’t know what topics to breach, I can provide you with 2-3 topics as a sampler. Some businesses prefer that the freelance content writer research on topics themselves; if you fall in that category, do let me know so I can tally up the additional costs of research.

Your idea of charming and fun may be different compared to mine. When we begin our discussions, you’ll be free to send as many links as you like to content that you love. Depending on the type of content, I may be able to write a blog sample of 100-200 words to see if we’re all on the same page.

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