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Writing email marketing content is both an art and a science. It’s well and good to send emails to your email marketing list, but a whole other ballgame to convince them to open it.

And making your subscribers take action? That’s the toughest task of all.

In a bid to create an email content strategy that sells, many brands and businesses forget that they’re talking to people, not robots.

Look at your own inbox, for example. Which would you rather read, a friendly-sounding email or one that screams ‘open me! Now! Last day! Do it now!’ I’ll bet you chose the first option.

Writing email marketing copy that sounds human, above all, should be the cornerstone of any content for newsletters or general emails.

Tone down the corporate-speak and load up with friendly, casual, conversation-starting content that makes your reader subscribe to your brand as well as buy your product.

Understand this most of all– all inboxes on the planet are congested with promos and newsletters and not so much interesting news from someone they care about. Breaking that barrier is a hard task and one you need to dedicate yourselves to for a longer period.

I’ve had clients sending out 10 emails and expecting miracles in 24 hours. Email marketing is very hit and miss; even the best email content might not guarantee good responses if businesses aren’t ready to invest in best practices on the tech end. And if you get good responses, you might find yourself waiting a while.

Hire a freelance content writer to produce good email content

A professional email content writer knows just how to grab eyeballs despite a cluttered inbox. This involves:

  • Writing catchy subject lines

  • Using power words

  • Addressing the reader as a single person

  • Speaking naturally

  • Adding calls-to-action

  • Providing value

Email content writing is tricky, so I would advise you not to expect immediately high opening rates from your freelance content writer. While the content I give you will be engaging, spirited and worthy of opening, a lot of technical aspects rely solely on the business itself.

Email marketing is best looked at as an experiment; if you’re hiring me as your freelance content writer, I would urge you to look at it in the same manner. It prevents disappointments and paves the way for future successes– as long as you’re ready to wait it out.

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