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A landing page is a page that clients, customers and other people land on when they click through another link, maybe in an email you sent or in your Instagram bio.

A landing page is indispensable for businesses that want their customers to take action, whatever that action may be.

These standalone pages aren’t the same as the rest of your pages. Landing pages are more short-term goal-oriented that general or universal. They have a specific aim, target a specific audience and get specific results.

Yes, landing pages really are that powerful.

Why focus on one action, though? Why not bring in links to your blog and every social media account from 2001 till date?

That’s because you’re playing a little psychological trick on your visitor, something called the ‘paradox of choice’. Giving your visitors a bunch of choices distracts them from what you really need them to do– sign up for your newsletter, or buy one single product.

Too many choices in this situation will overwhelm your customer, but that’s something many businesses and freelance content writers realise too late.

Not all landing page content has the ‘paradox of choice’; the best landing page content does.

The best marketing landing pages: Why you need a professional content writer

By hiring a professional content writer in India to write your landing page content, you’ll derive the best benefits out of the activity.

As a freelance content writer with experience in writing landing pages, I make it a point to understand my client’s landing page goals and pick the right type.

Your landing page goal could be increasing conversions, building your email list, selling one product or giving away freebies.

To make your landing page a well-oiled lead gen or conversion machine, I optimize them with landing page content best practices:

  • Enticing headlines

  • Directional cues

  • Clear CTAs

  • Benefit-highlighting copy

  • Well-placed keywords

  • Appealing images

To be able to write the best landing page for your required actions, I’ll need a lot of information from you. We’ll cover target audience, intended action, link sources, copy style and tone, business goals and critical keywords.

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