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As I’m writing this page on Quora marketing, I currently have 24 answer requests pending in my Quora inbox. That’s 24 different people asking me for my opinion, based on my previous answers. And that’s only after posting for a day.

This is the power of Quora digital marketing – a handful of well thought-out answers to pertinent questions will have your brand racing to the top of the list as a thought leader.

Quora is a knowledge-oriented channel. But it’s not for heavy marketing content, or for self-promotion. The purpose of Quora is to create engaging answers that leave the reader a little more aware of the topic than they were. Businesses make the mistake of using their Quora marketing strategy as an extension of their paid ad campaigns– that’s a rookie error that will inevitably prove expensive.

Quora is a resource for learning, so the best freelance content writers know to treat it that way. Traffic and brand recall is but an added bonus– your primary goal with content marketing on Quora needs to be audience engagement.

Other benefits of Quora marketing tools are:

  • It’s a playground for bouncing content and product ideas off the general masses

  • It helps strengthen your core expertise and message

  • It establishes thought leadership

  • It generates word-of-mouth feedback which is a peerless marketing tool in itself

As a Quora content writer myself, I’ve realised that, for businesses, the best Quora influencer marketing strategy includes profiles for individual employees and senior management. 

Expertise and perspective is key to creating engaging content and Quorans love to gain knowledge from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

That said, not every business has the time to get employees to write their own Quora answers– this is where I step in.

As a Quora content writer, I create engaging content in the name of a brand or their employees on topics related to their niche. I use relevant SEO keywords and place links where required to divert traffic. My strategy involves hunting down relevant questions, preparing posting schedules and keeping answers ready in time for publication.

Some of my clients have me pen the answers and send them in for publication. Yet others prefer that I manage the entire posting process myself, from writing and scheduling to posting. In both packages, engaging content, relevant backlinks and error-free on-brand writing are guaranteed.

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