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Once upon a time, not too many moons ago, businesses and brands thought the best way to attract customers was to have a stunning website.

But after a while, they didn’t see much progress. Or if they did, it was from repeat customers, not so much the new ones.

Little did they know that hiring a website content writer would set them on the path to success.

Today, the story is starkly different. Brands and businesses of all sizes realise the importance of a professional website content writer to sell their brand and their products.

Here are the perks of creating website content:

  • retaining visitors to the site 

  • converting visitors to customers

  • increasing usability

  • appearing on search engines

  • increasing brand recall 

  • creating thought leadership 

  • increasing traffic overall

However, writing website content isn’t just about putting some nice words down. It isn’t something you can DIY either, unfortunately, unless you’re a professional content writer yourself (like I am).

‘As a website copywriter, can you make my website reach the first page of Google?’

That’s a burning question for several businesses, and for good reason.

SEO content is vital to your online success and you’ll need both SEO strategy and a killer web copywriter to do it.

Why you need a professional SEO copywriter

Most people look at a website for all of 10 seconds before they wander off. That’s a ridiculously short amount of time to work in.

Are you starting a new business but don’t know what to highlight? Do you need optimised web copy for a new identity? Have you only recently taken to SEO plunge and need to make your existing content better?

I can help you. We’ll begin with a thorough understanding of your business, aims, target audience, brand values, shortcomings– and then we’ll peek at your competitors for good measure.

From there, we’ll dive into research– unless you already have them, which is golden. All this while, your brand voice and writing style will be kept in mind, ready for me to step into your shoes and write in your voice when the time comes.

If it sounds straightforward, that’s because it is. My web content writing services are strategic, process-driven and success-oriented. I’ll even throw in a fair few puns if you need it.

Let's dive into it– give me a shout on my 'contact us' form and we'll take it from there. 

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