Content Verticals

It's a rookie mistake, to think that all content verticals are the same. Website content writing is a far cry from writing press releases. Copywriters and freelance content writers in India are different breeds (though some are hybrids). 

Businesses big and small scratch their heads over what content writing services they need and if SEO writing can hit two birds with one stone. 

As a professional freelance content writer in India, I'm here to help. 

Choose a (written) content vertical that intrigues you and see what benefits you can reap. 

Quora Content Writing

A handful of well thought-out answers to pertinent questions will have your brand racing to the top of the list as a thought leader.

Landing Page Content Writing

A landing page is indispensable for businesses that want their customers to take action, whatever that action may be.

Email Content Writing

It’s well and good to send emails to your email marketing list, but a whole other ballgame to convince them to open it.

Website Content Writing

Good website content is a sure-fire way to increase traffic, create better brand recall and spur conversions on your website.

Blog Content Writing

For your blog to be rewarded, your content will need to be unique, clean and completely in line with what you’re selling.

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