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Why should I hire a professional freelance content writer in India?

As a business owner, marketer or entrepreneur, you're innovative, smart and growth-driven. Writing your own content is likely well within your capabilities, but why would you choose to? After all, you're a professional who recognises the value of your products and services and manage a team to convey that potential to your audience everyday. By hiring a professional freelance content writer in India, you're taking your own advice. You're doing what you do best and, for everything else, you're hiring experts to do what they do best.

How long will it take to write my content?

The answer to this depends on the following factors: The size of the project The content vertical you've chosen The industry you're catering to The complexity of the project and the research involved What information you can supply and how quickly how clear your content goals and intentions are Whether you want (or don't want) SEO research Generally speaking, I can turn around one 500-word blog article in 24 hours. Longer and more complex projects will take more time because I don't compromise on quality and detail. That said, I try my best to maintain quick TATs and confirm deadlines with you before proceeding.

What is your availability and bandwidth?

I usually have three to four projects in progress at any given time, but my flexibility is fluid. If you'd like to check for a particular time frame, please fill in this form and I'll let you know how I'm paced.

Should we meet before getting started?

Ordinarily, unless this is a complex multi-fold project, a face-to-face physical or virtual meeting isn't necessary and I don't make provision for these in my quotes. It's much more effiecient (and cheaper!) to communicate via email and phone calls. A majority of my Indian and international client relationships take place over email and they couldn't be happier with the quality of work they get back!

What information do I need to give you?

I spent a lot of time in the research and understanding stage, where answers to the 5 Ws and 1 H can make a lot of difference. The more info you provide, the better the outcome. some information that will help me write for you include:

  • Brand/ company background
  • Current website, blog and social media
  • Previous promotional material if any
  • Brand tone of voice
  • Preferred writing style
  • Target audience (the more specific to content, the better)
  • Proposed structures
  • Your brand "allow list" and "block list" for words (e.g. don't use "budget" for a luxury brand)
P.S. If you want to learn why I use "allow list" and "block list" instead of "blacklist" and "whitelist", here's my blog post on using inclusive words in place of words with discriminatory undertones.

Can I trust you with confidential information?

The nature of my work is such that I am exposed to confidential information and business strategies on the regular. I take this very seriously and ensure nothing confidential leaves my inbox. My past clients have put their trust in me without confidentiality agreements and haven't regretted it. If you wish for me to sign an NDA, we can discuss this over email.

Will I own copyright to the work you write for me?

Yes, 100 percent, provided you have paid for the work in full, given your written approval and marked the project as "closed". This also applies for free samples that I give you of my own accord. If you have not paid for the work, or if it is not a free sample, then you may not publish any of it as I still assert all rights over the content. Please refer to my terms and conditions to learn more.

Do you offer other creative services?

As of now, I write copy. I take on the occasional copyediting project but I don't dabble in creating videos, sourcing photos, writing explainers or other scripts and creating high-end infographics and presentations. That said, I would still recommend you fill in the form with a request so I can tap into my network and let you know if I someone comes to mind.

What are your Terms of Business as a freelance content writer in India?

For access to my full Terms and Conditions page, please click here.

How do you charge?

I usually charge by the word for regular copy (such as articles, website content and landing or category pages). For others content verticals such as whitepapers, e-books and product descriptions, I charge per the unit. If you prefer to pay per project even for regular copy, please shoot me an email and I'll be happy to discuss the possibilities.

I'm on a tight budget but need lots of content; can you help?

I don't get involved in copy mill-style projects so I will not be able to "churn" out content for small budgets. If you're starting out, I'll do my best to give you the best possible price. However, content writing is my bread and butter so I will not go below a certain threshold much like you wouldn't say 'yes' to a lower salary. You'll be able to find plenty of content mills that "churn" out content for cheap rates, but please be careful. Content is an investment– if you sacrifice quality for budget, you might have to pay in terms of copyright, legal issues, Google penalties, low rankings, teduced traffic and a bad rap. If you've changed your mind and now want well-researched, creative, engaging and bang-on-brand content at the going rate, welcome to the lane of success, let's chat.

Can you write content that can get me on page one of Google?

The fact of the matter is that no one, regardless of what they promise you, can absolutely get you on page one of Google. The Google SEO game is a high-stakes one; anyone who claims to be able to land and stay on page one is either lying or using shirty methods that will get penalised. Don't believe me? Take it from the experts, Neil Patel and John Rampton. That said, a few of my clients have ranked on page one of Google for their primary keywords. This was the result of research-oriented, informative copywriting (by yours truly) and targeted technical SEO strategies created by the client themselves. TL;DR: I can't promise you that (because I'm not a liar), but I can optimise your content to rank highly for search terms relevant to your business.

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