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September 2019 – April 2020


SEO-friendly articles that read like Forbes and Entrepreneur, covering topics relevant to start-ups, crowdfunding and seed investment rounds.

Thanks, Sindhu, for the quick response.

Project Details:

1Crowd is an equity crowdfunding platform connecting investors to promising start-ups and early-stage ventures. They needed articles for their blog with the aim of building thought leadership and extending their reach. 

The topics were provided by the client, but I was given the liberty to search for relevant SEO keywords on Google Ads, create a suitable content structure and conduct my own research.

The resulting articles use an earnest yet authoritative tone of voice and were divided into paragraphs for easy reading. They have the ideal keyword density of 2%. 

Text Preview: 

"The startup co-founder search can make or break ventures with potential. Take it from us– over the years of guiding entrepreneurs in setting up businesses and raising capital, we have seen a myriad of co-founder combinations. The bottom line is that while sometimes it makes sense to go at it alone, having a strong co-founder to either mirror your strengths or make up for weaknesses, helps."

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