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April 2019 – January 2020


High-ranking guides to popular eCommerce software that outranked Hubspot & MailChimp in search results.

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Project Details:

AdNabu is a software and services company that specialises in Google Ads and related campaigns. Their software helps companies optimise their campaigns across platforms and increase sales while lowering costs.

AdNabu needed blog articles as well as in-depth guides and landing pages. Primarily, they wanted to increase their rankings on search engines; additionally, they also wanted to emerge as thought leaders.

The resultant content was produced over several months and of varying lengths. The content plan and execution succeeded in placing Adnabu on the first page of search results for critical keywords such as 'Single Keyword Ad Group Tool' and 'ecommerce marketing automation software'. The SEO-optimised content also helped AdNabu outrank household names such as HubSpot, MailChimp and QuickSprout. 

Text Preview: 

The best PPC marketing software is one that runs itself.

It’s true. Marketing software only succeed if they’re hands-free, requiring very little monitoring but delivering great results day after day. It also generates good revenue, justifying the initial time and effort put into setting it up.

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