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July 2019 – January 2020


SEO destination pages to establish the brand as a leader in group and solo travel and to drive traffic to the website.

Sindhu has consistently earned praise for her work and client management from the team. Thanks so much for the quick work on the destinations. I think they have come out great.

Project Details:

Byond is a niche travel company specialising in curated group tours and cultural travel experiences. 

The team needed content for a new set of destination pages, which "tell you exactly what to see and do" in a destination. Each page was to be around 2,800 words, split into categories based on the page UI and creatively written. I was also tasked with outsourcing these pages to freelance writers, copyediting and organising timely deliveries. 

The resulting destination pages were written to inspire travellers, guide them in their journeys and convince them that the client provided immersive travel experiences not to be had anywhere else. 

Text Preview: 

"The land of steep fjords, translucent glaciers and extraordinarily beautiful villages, Norway is a study in primeval artistry. The cosmopolitan cities form Norway’s beating heart, pulsating with energy and a much-admired Scandinavian way of life. Elsewhere in the country, thrill-seekers on Norway group travel plans can find themselves in a proverbial holy land of mountainous terrain, snow and fresh air. Stunning architecture and lush forests fall away after a point to reveal the staggeringly primordial Arctic landscape."

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