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March 2020


Light yet informative articles relating to women's health, targeting a younger female audience, in the voice of a leading national newspaper.

Just what I needed!

Project Details:

Health Shots is a wing of Hindustan Times, a leading national print and online news provider.

Health Shots is targeted at a female millennial audience. They needed coverage of topics such as fitness, health, mental health and wellness in general with a practical yet lighthearted approach. 

The resulting article, which functioned as a benchmark for the content production team, delved into the topic with in-depth research but adopted a lighthearted, empathetic tone to capture a young audience. 

Text Preview: 

"Across the globe, several people are fully at peace with themselves despite the global rat race and are living their everyday life harmoniously.

No, this isn’t about highly-trained Buddhist monks who have dedicated their lives to spirituality. It’s about regular people like you and I who have mastered the principles of discipline, harmony, and Zen, and are using it in their everyday lives."

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