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March 2020 – Present


Well-researched long-form editorial content on tangents of sustainability and environmentalism.

"[The articles] make a lot of sense. They give you that "sh*t, I've been doing this for ages and I didn't know this was the situation" feeling.

Project Details:

Lyfesize is an online editorial magazine that focuses on understanding and identifying the complexities of sustainability. The digital magazine aims to explore the intersectionality of environmentalism and sustainability primarily at grassroots levels but also forays into organisational action on occasion. 

Lyfesize is a personal project built around my interest in sustainability and aimed at staying in touch with my journalistic roots. My articles for Lyfesize are well-researched, impactful and contextual without being "breaking" news. 

I designed the Lyfesize website myself–  right from the coding to the branding and the content. It was a fulfilment of my desire to create outside of words yet hone skills that make me a freelance content writer in India with a lot more to offer. 

Text Preview: 

On-screen, Greta Thunberg delivers an impassionate speech about the future that is being stolen from her generation. Offline, Joe Bloggs takes a swig of his single-use plastic cup and drives to his 9-to-5 at an energy company. When one chunk of the global population agitates and organises, another hovers in front of the TV with their reusable mugs and a disposable pizza box; a third seems unmoved by the drumming news and protests. When it comes to squaring up to the largest crisis that collective humanity has faced, why are our reactions so disparate?

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