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September 2019 – January 2020


SEO-friendly and detail-heavy descriptions complete with scan-friendly bullet points and engaging style notes.

We like what you have proposed for our brand. Awesome, thanks!

Project Details:

MARCA Disati is an apparel brand offering distrinct designs and comfortable everyday basics. 

When they reached out to me, the client was just putting together their own eCommerce website. Until then, they were listing their products on popular eCommerce marketplaces such as Ajio and Amazon. In creating their own website, MARCA Disati wanted to establish a distinct identity and tone of voice as well as encourage shoppers to buy directly rather than through retailers. 

The resultant product descriptions were written over a period of 5 months. They highlighted the features of each product, used SEO-friendly product descriptions and provided engaging style notes to have an impact on direct customers. 

Text Preview: 

"Casual white graphic t-shirt featuring a chest print, a round neck and short sleeves. Style note: Throw on a blazer over this tee to switch things up a bit."

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