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Crisp yet informative articles and pages using simple language understandable by children on topics relating to coding, programming and robots.

The IOT article was really good. I must say, this is very well done.

Project Details:

MODO Edulabs is a leading technology education provider in India. They provide some of the best robotics and coding courses geared towards nurturing creativity and technological intelligence in K-12 students. 

MODO's first requirement was for crisp, informative articles of not more than 400 words. They were to spark creativity in the minds of students and hammer home the importance of learning robotics and coding at a young age. The resulting articles met both of these objectives. 

The project pages began as an experiment aimed towards enticing young minds to sign up for robotics courses. I was tasked with putting together the complete structure in a creative manner and write content that has childlike appeal. The success of the page layout convinced the client to make the 'project pages' a permanent feature. 

Text Preview: 

"Speakers, air conditioners, coffee machines… these are just a few of the everyday items that are being connected to the web, thanks to the Internet of Things (IOT). It seems like a daunting term, much like most of the phrases that emerge during tech revolutions; but in its heart, IoT is simple."

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