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Detailed articles (occasionally of the sponsored type) for international readers about destinations worth visiting.

I'd like to personally congratulate you on your work in Trip101 thus far, the team has definitely recognised your writing capabilities. It was a pleasure to publish your written articles on our platform thus far.

Project Details:

Trip101 is an online destination guide put together by travel experts. Their USP is creating detailed guides of varying lengths to both popular and obscure destinations in the world. 

Trip101 needed articles generally corresponding to two verticals– destination posts and sponsored posts. The former were written with reference to travel experiences and secondary research. The latter heavily focused on promoting the sponsor through unbiased reviews of their services. 

The articles were organically full of keywords, so no additional SEO research was needed. 

Text Preview: 

"Striking an interesting balance between urban chaos and world-class education, Kupang is an Indonesian city that never fails to grow on first-time visitors. The university town is bordered by some fascinating natural wonders if you're so inclined, but it offers just as much enjoyment and thrill in its bustling markets and rocky seafront."

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