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April 2020


Two of my photographs were selected to represent India in VSCO's feature on 'creature comforts' during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I loved your perspective and I definitely loved your feed!

Project Details:

VSCO is a photo and video editing app that also hosts a diverse community of photographers and visual storytellers from all around the world. 

For their feature on 'creative comforts', they asked VSCO photographers to comment on the following question: "How is creative expression helping you during this time?"

The responses garnered were pooled with some gripping photographs selected by the VSCO Editor. Two of my photographs, titled 'Thunder' and 'Home' respectively, were selected to be displayed in the feature alongside my answer to their question.

The photographs received a stunning response on the app and have long since earned hundreds of reposts, likes and 'favourites'. 

Text Preview: 

“I’ve been looking inward for inspiration now more than ever. I’m taking deeper looks at corners in my house, noticing things that were always there but never made it to my attention radar.”

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