Am I going to be beat out of the race by an AI writer?

One of my former bosses spent a lot of our meetings telling me how copywriters would be plumb out of business in the next five years because Artificial Intelligence would take over.

Granted, I was shaken.

I'd only just stepped into the fray, armed with my content writing skills, ready to write mindblowing copy. And here I was, being told I'd be redundant in a few years because of some dumb robot.

My survival instincts kicked into gear and I tried to figure out what part of me was so uniquely human that an AI writer robot couldn't hope to replicate.

It turns out that I have a helluva lot better chances at writing experience-steeped, higher-value creative copy for niche audiences than cookie-cutter content that come costs.

It's the same with any industry that technology enters into. For a while, the 'mainstream' is disrupted and the ones still on the road get caught in the dust. But some people spot the transition and graciously vacate their spot, taking a side lane towards a higher value that AI can't mimic.

It's like you're a vintage Peugeot on a highway when a Ferrari threatens to pass you by. You pull out, take a side lane, and pull out onto the main road further ahead to find people placing value on your 'vintageness'. Old is gold and all that.

When a giant disruptive force comes into the picture (I'm imagining something out of Transformer), it means its time for you to shift to a higher gear and leave the mundane work for the newcomer (not that I condone dumping boring work on subordinates. Don't do it).

If you're ever tempted to switch lanes and commission an AI writer for your next project, allow me to convince you otherwise:

AI writers are in their nascent stages

Apart from the one glorious victory that AI writers had over poor sods like myself (aka Chase using Persado), the results haven't been overwhelmingly in favour of AI writers.

Sure, you'd be able to craft that email marketing call to action using an AI writer, or a product description. But you'd be hard-pressed to find an AI writer that transforms unorganised client briefs to copy that moves, compels or instigates.

AI writers don't come cheap

For start-ups and small businesses, AI writers are a bit of a hit-and-miss investment. They cost quite a lot because there's so few out there, but they might not give you the results that apply for your brand. It is ridiculously important for every brand to have their unique writing style, tone of voice and distinctive brand image. Remember that AI's role is to:

  • aid human capabilities

  • perform human-like tasks

not take over the human race (and write their copy for them).

And if you plan to stay longer in the running, you'll need a human content writer who understands your long-term vision, not just present-day content needs. (If you need someone like this, hi!)

AI will change the content writing industry, at least

That's a solid fact. Whether AI writers do away with copywriters overnight and steal their manuscripts is a bit up in the air, but AI will definitely change the art of content writing. It'll free human copywriters up to explore higher strategies and values. So if anything, it's a path for growth rather than a deeply-dug trench in the road.

So, then. The answer to my question in that headline? No, I don't think I'm going to be beat out by an AI writer anytime soon. This freelance content writer is as real as can get and writes much better copy than this excerpt I got from a paid AI copywriting service:


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